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Increased Public / Customer Satisfaction

Provides people with the ability to engage and collaborate with you at a time and location that suits them.

Blockchain Evidential Integrity

Reduce the number of challenges on the integrity of information presented within a video interview or meeting.

Increased Capacity, Reduced Travel Time

Interviews and meetings can be conducted at a fraction of the cost associated with travel and other expenses, improving workforce utilisation and increasing organisational capacity and productivity to meet demand.

Reduced Service Delays

Removes geographical and other barriers to arranging mutually convenient time and locations for interviews and meetings and allows organisations to progress their work at pace.

Increase in the standard of aftercare

Through providing a more efficient method of engagement, Mea: Connexus can support organisations in engaging with more of your end users and clients more of the time.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reducing the need for all participants to travel to interview and meetings will provide positive impacts on the environment through reduction in the use of fuels.

Mea: Connexus – A Secure and Immutable, Blockchain enabled video interview platform

Mea: Connexus is a secure, immutable video interview solution that has been designed to meet the requirements of any investigation. It can be used for criminal, private, legal or financial investigations, or enquiries that require an immutable record of the interview.

Mea: Connexus supports any engagement where an organisation relies on the evidential integrity of video interviews and meetings.

Assured for UK OFFICIAL standards, Mea: Connexus is the only video interview solution that uses Blockchain and a digital fingerprint of data to ensure that all video interviews are immutable, meaning that their content cannot be successfully challenged at a later date.



Blockchain Immutability

The evidential integrity of recorded video interviews is of paramount importance and Mea: Connexus uses Blockchain technology and SHA-256 hash algorithms to create a sealed ‘digital evidence bag’ around the content of the interview to guarantee its authenticity.

Blockchain Validation

With the ability to produce ‘deep fakes’ and the editing of video content becoming easier and easier, Mea: Connexus uses Blockchain to provide validation and authenticity of the video interview. This enables users and external parties to validate the content of a video interview to demonstrate and ensure it has not been tampered with in any way.

Mandatory Recording

Mea: Connexus records all video interviews from the initiation to the closing of the interview session. All engagement between participants is recorded for future review and presentation.

Time-coded & Named Transcription

Mea: Connexus converts each participants speech to text and presents the hosting organisation with a full transcript of the entire video interview, sequentially detailing who was speaking, what was said and at what time.

Secure Video, Chat, Media Sharing & Storage

Mea: Connexus uses 256-bit AES Encryption to secure your video interviews, chat transcripts and any media shared between participants throughout the interview. All video interviews and shared materials are securely stored with encryption in the cloud. Mea: Connexus has been assured to UK OFFICIAL level and aligns with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre SaaS and Cloud principles.

Sharable Immutable Video Interview Records

You can share downloads with external parties or use them in your digital evidence management and records/case management systems.

Organisational Branding

Your customers want to be confident that they are talking to you, so Mea: Connexus allows you to use your own corporate identity, logos, crests and badges and provides participants with your own privacy policy and consent notices.

1TB Secure Cloud Storage

You will receive 1TB of secure cloud storage as part of your base licence cost, giving you the freedom to concentrate on conducting important interviews rather than worrying about whether you have enough storage to do so.

Additional Storage at a Transparent Cost

If you need more than 1TB of storage you can purchase additional TB units at a price that is transparent and cost efficient.

Downloadable Immutable Video Interview Records

Mea: Connexus allows you to download your immutable video interview records containing the video interview, chat transcription, speech to text transcription, Blockchain validation statement, any media shared and a view of what was being shared onscreen.

Preserve the Interview Environment

Participants cannot apply filters, blur backgrounds or in any way change their appearance or surroundings during the interview. Mea: Connexus keeps all video streams visible on the screen at all times, meaning participants are not reduced to icons or hidden, regardless of how regularly they speak.

Case Management

Recognising that investigations are largely undertaken by groups of individuals, Mea: Connexus provides the ability for organisations to create groups of users that replicate their organisational structure. Group members can collaborate on the review and annotation of video interviews.

Secure Backup

All Video Interview records are stored in the cloud and regularly backed up as part of your Mea: Connexus licenced service, meaning there is no need to worry about losing critical information.

Device Agnostic

Mea: Connexus works with all desktop and mobile operating systems and their default browsers. Participants do not need to download any application on their devices.

Simple Licensing Model

Mea: Connexus allows you to develop a flexible corporate plan for your organisation, providing the freedom for you to manage your users within your own organisational domain.

Transparent Pricing

Mea: Connexus is priced by the use of minutes providing flexibility to our customers. You can undertake as many interviews as you need, only paying for the time you are on the interview with no hidden charges.


Mea: Connexus provides user friendly dashboards and management information providing you with all of the information you need to manage your use of the Mea: Connexus service.

Auditing Use

Customer Administrators are provided with audit access to their organisations use of the Mea: Connexus service, meaning that they can stay informed of users’ activities.

US Patent Number 11,539,774

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